Getting a Free Website

How to Get a Free Web Site and Free Domain

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Everybody needs a website, but how do you get a website and domain name without spending a lot? Easy: just find a free web host. A free web hosting company will give you a free website and a place to keep all your web site files so you can be live on the web. You can use this for business or personal use. So how do you get a free domain? Read the article and find out.

Build your own Website!


  1. Do a search for a free web host. You can also look for free website or free web hosting; they all pretty much mean the same thing.
  2. Check out some of the free web hosts that come up. Unfortunately, there will be thousands to pick from.
  3. Check out the ones that are truly free. Some sites will claim to be free to show up that way on the search engines, but when you go to their site, you have to pay something or make posts or some other crazy nonsense.
  4. Find a web host that has what you need. In other words, if you just have a small web site, don’t get a web host that offers 100 gigabytes of web space. You will never use it and it will be a problem in the long run (I’ll explain later).
  5. Find a web host that gives you a decent amount of disk space, bandwidth, emails, and maybe some pre-installed applications. They will save you a lot of headaches later. If you want to install WordPress, for example, it is much easier to find a site that has a one-click install for WordPress instead of having to download, then upload, unzip, install, configure, etc.
  6. Find a site that is easy to get signed up with. Some places ask you to make 50 posts in their forums before you can even apply for a website. That is just plain ridiculous. If you can’t just sign up and start creating your website, move on to a better web hosting company.
  7. Find a company that offers a free domain available through them. Some companies offer free domains in their control panel. Make certain it is truly free.
  8. Look for a web host that has a web builder if you need it. If you are not experienced creating web pages from scratch, sign up with a host that has a web builder. Trust me, it is much easier than making your own pages.

Build your own Website!


  • Find a web host that offers a fair amount of disk space, bandwidth, and emails without being outrageous. Sites that offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, etc. are just trouble in the making.
  • Sites that offer unlimited anything are called “over sellers” because they offer something they really don’t want you to use. The minute you start using too much disk space or too much bandwidth they will kick you off for violating their rules. They usually have something in really small print limiting your use. Don’t even bother with those.
  • Get a web host that offers a free domain. This way you don’t have to go out looking for it; it’s already there and easily available.
  • Make certain the free domain is truly free and not one where you have to buy hosting to get the free domain.
  • Find a web host that allows you to use either your own domain (if you already have one), a free domain (from any free domain company), gives you a free domain in their cPanel (control panel) or has a free subdomain if you really don’t want to mess around with all the domain controls. Sub-domains are really the simplest way if you are not very tech savvy.
  • Don’t bother with places that are “Post to Host” unless you really like posting in their forums. They become really tedious and a chore after a while.

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