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How to Design a Free Blogging Website on WordPress.Com

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If your looking to create a free online blog, your in luck! There’s many CMS (Content Management Platforms to choose from and it’s up to you on what suits you best. This tutorial is based of using WordPress CMS.

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  1. Create an account with by clicking “Get Started Here”.
  2. Enter in your desired blog address into the field with all the other information.
  3. After filling out your information, click “Create Blog” in lower right hand corner to create a free online blog.
  4. You’ll be redirected to start working on your free blogging website.
  5. You just created an online free blog! If you need help or want a website design company to help you create your website, please refer to the sources below.


  • Remember your login details and blog address because you’ll need it later to edit it.
  • It might seem difficult in the beginning and if so, refer to Google!
  • WordPress is not the only blogging sight on the wep. Blogger is another popular competitor.


  • Adding personal information to your blog may jeopardize your privacy. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WRITE!
  • if using a free blogging sight, your sight will not usually be a “.com” sight, it will be, for example a “” sight.
  • you can update your sight for a small cost to be just a “.com” for a small fee with most CMS’s

Things You’ll Need

  • a computer/laptop/mobile phone [capable of accessing the internet]
  • an internet connection
  • a wordpress/blogger account

Get Started With Blogging!

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